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Okay, so a while ago, I posted up 6 songs that were in my personal playlist, getting major rotation, during that time. Well…I want to do a newer version of that, we will call it the July 2015 version. Let’s get to it.

I was driving around the pot whole infested streets of Los Angeles, listening to the radio in hopes of finding some music inspiration. (Side Note: I drive for Uber and other ridesharing apps to make some money on the side.) It is actually kinda funny because, while I had my GPS taking me to my next rider’s location, My MUSICAL GPS, landed me to this brand new Afrojack featuring the vocals of Mike Taylor song called SummerThing! I had the sound on BLAST when I heard this Gem.

Here is another track that I am feeling the vibe from. When I first heard this one, I thought that it was dance record that followed the typical format. But it didn’t, this Natalie La Rose song is called “All Around The World” and features a verse from Fetty Wap. This song has this wide open hook that makes you feel like it is gonna be a 4 on the floor drop, but it doesn’t do that at all. It goes to a trap feel that I think is super dope, and hopefully you will feel the same about it.

The homie, DJ Kronic, linked up with Lil Jon once again (the first time is when they did the track “Bend Ova” featuring Tyga), and Senor Roar to create this monster of a track called Beast! This is pretty self explanatory.

Now here is a video that I am really digging, not to mention, every time I hear it on the radio, I stop what I am doing to “GO UP” on the volume,  lean back, and just rock with the sun shades on. David Guetta just dropped the video to his collabo with Nicki Minaj, Afrojack & Bebe Rexha called “Hey Mama”. Peep the video for yourself.

Now I know you are probably gonna say to yourself, “But, this song drop forever and a day ago!” And while I do agree with you, I would like to direct your attention to the title of this blog post, and even more so the name of this site! YES!!!! ITS MY PLAYLIST, and it is what I’M FEELING! PLZ REFRAIN FROM JUDING ME! LMAO! No seriously, Tove Lo, is killing it with her song “Talking Body” and you can’t hate on good music. If you are not rocking this, that’s a problem that needs to be address immediately.

Now….did you really think I was gonna list 6 songs, and not even plug the very track that I did?!?!?! Well, if you did, you are clearly OFF TRACK! LOL!!! 😉 Let me get you right back on course real quick. This is the track that I did with RNBass star Jonn Hart, who had a billboard smash in 2012 called Who Booty, and another super dope producer from the Bay Area, Clayton William. The song is called “Blow iT”, which puts a crazy twist on partying on your birthday. You got to check it out…;-)

So these are my 6 songs that I am feeling, I would like to know what you are listening to these days. Hit me up on my TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and message me!