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Antonio Fresco is an American DJ, record producer and radio personality. He is a Afro-Latino of Dominican & Puerto Rican decent. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland but is currently based out of Miami, Florida.

Destiny is just a word for most, but for Antonio Fresco, music is his destiny and a reality from the beginning. Growing up in Baltimore, Antonio’s uncle introduced him to the saxophone which would be his official introduction to music and other instruments that he previously was unfamiliar with. Unbeknownst to Antonio, his father also was a drummer, some talents are just passed down whether you are aware of them or not.

In 2002, Antonio purchased his first set of turn tables, and went into practicing his new found craft as a deejay as he had once done before with the drums. Fast forward several years later, Antonio found himself on Dallas/Ft. Worth’s biggest hip hop station, 97.9 The Beat, as a DJ & On Air Personality. After 7 years of radio dominance, Antonio had much bigger plans. In June of 2014, Antonio took his vast music knowledge and talents to Los Angeles, California. He now applies his vast music knowledge, and focuses on producing his own music.

Antonio Fresco is poised to set the world ablaze with his sound and overall party vibes. Welcome to Frescoville!!