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Antonio Fresco in Brickell, Miami, Flordia in 2019

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Name: Antonio Fresco
DOB: September 1, 1983
Ethnicity: Black/Puerto Rician/Dominican
Height: 6′ 0″ (182.88 centimeters)
Born: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Raised In: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Job: DJ/Artist/Producer/Radio Personality…
***and whatever else he decides to put his mind to!


Antonio Fresco is an Afro-Latino of Dominican & Puerto Rican decent. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland but is currently based out of Los Angeles and Miami, Florida. Fresco, whose real name is Miguel Antonio Matos, always had music in his veins, as he grew up in a musical family. His Puerto Rican mother grew up always singing, and even played the French Horn and Mellophone in college. His aunt is a classically trained musician and Broadway talent and his uncle is a saxophone player. Antonio’s uncle introduced him to the saxophone at the age of six, which would be his official introduction to music and other instruments that he previously was unfamiliar with. Unbeknownst to Antonio, his father also was a bassist and drummer…some talents are just passed down whether you are aware of them or not.

Throughout his elementary, middle and high schooling, Fresco always was apart of the school musical productions, whether is was marching band, concert band, or theater. During his senior year of high school at Western School of Technology & Environmental Science, he was selected to be drum major, which only set him up for his college school years at Morgan State University. There, he was a member of the Drum Line, known as “HIT SQUAD” in the Morgan State University Magnificent Marching Machine. Between school band and going to constant parties, this is where Fresco found in love with the club scene, and decide that being a deejay going to be his next venture.

In 2002, Antonio purchased his first set of turn tables, and went into practicing his new found craft as a deejay as he had once done before with the drums. Going by “M-Squared”, a play on his initials of his real name, he found himself deejay-ing college parties within months of him buying turntables. This led to him becoming apart of the hip hop show, “Strictly Hip Hop” on Morgan State University’s radio, WEAA 88.9 FM. This proved to be just a launching pad for Fresco, as this led him to becoming apart of the On-Air staff at one of Washington D.C. leading stations radio stations, 93.9 WKYS in January of 2007.

In November of 2007, Antonio found himself relocating to Texas on Dallas-Ft. Worth’s biggest hip hop station, 97.9 The Beat, as a DJ & On Air Personality. With high ratings on all of his shows, and becoming a “main stay” in the music community, Fresco was voted “Best DJ” in 2013 and 2014 by a local publication, The Dallas Weekly. After 7 years of radio dominance, Antonio had much bigger plans. In June of 2014, Antonio took his vast music knowledge and talents to Los Angeles, California. This is where he would apply his vast music knowledge, and focus on producing his own music.

With time and growth, comes change, and one of those major changes came in February of 2015 when the name “M-Squared” was retired. There was a desire to be more authentic and have a name that really connects with who he was becoming. And thus the name, ANTONIO FRESCO came to be his new moniker. Antonio, his middle name, and the name Fresco (meaning “fresh” in Spanish), speaks to his Latin heritage, and his desire to want to bring something fresh to everything he does with his style, music, and entertainment as a whole.

2015 also marked the year that Antonio would start releasing music seriously as a deejay and music producer. His first song “Blow It”, came about after joining up with producer Clayton William, and Billboard topping artist, Jonn Hart. In 2016, Fresco, self released his Electro House track, “Light It Up”, which marked his only official release of the year. In 2017, after working with singer and songwriter, Kennis Clark, on his EP, Antonio was featured on Kennis’ song, “Bout Time, sparking momentum for a few other songs to be released in the same year. Having worked with fellow producer and songwriter, Devin O’Bannon on Kennis Clark’s project, Antonio joined forces with Devin to release “After Party” in the Summer of 2107. This would not be the last time, that O’Bannon would appear on one of Fresco’s songs, as the release of “Lose Myself” followed in the late months of 2017, which featured vocals from O’Bannon and Wes Joseph.

Even though 2018 proved to be a quiet year musically for Antonio, it was one of his greatest years of personal growth. During this time, he took this time to perfect his sound, wanting to add more Latin and Caribbean elements to music, which is a salute to his Afro-Dominican and Afro-Puerto Rican heritage. Next Up…Miami, Florida! Fresco was able to be exposed to not only to the international hub that is Miami, but also reconnect with his roots by submerging himself with the local Latin and Caribbean culture that thrives there. This help propel the release of his song “Rattlesnake” with Patricia Possollo and Lorena J’zel, a song that is in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Now traveling back and forth between the Los Angeles and Miami, Antonio Fresco is poised to set the world ablaze with his sound and overall party vibes. Welcome to Frescoville!!