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My mother came to Los Angeles and stay for the week. So I figured I would show you guys a few pics. Now keep in mind, my mom is a New York native, and absolutley dislikes L.A., apparently the east coast and west coast beef has been around long before the world has ever heard about Tupac or Biggie, LOL!

Anyway, when she came to visit, she had a BALL, and when she left, I got a text from here a few days later that read…

“I need to come back and hike up those stairs again.”

Then I spoke to her more recently and she already talking about booking another flight cause she misses the weather, she lives in Northen Virgina. Needless to say, the weather there is not always as beautiful as it is here in Los Angeles. Anyway, enough talk, hope you enjoy the pics. LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! 🙂

Antonio Fresco Runyon LA in the distance Antonio Fresco Runyon Sunset Mom 5 Mom