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Antoino Fresco & Christian Alva NHL Kings Game

So my boy Christian Alva, from Electronica Life, invited me to my first ever hockey game. Now, when I say this was my first ever, I truly mean that. Never been to a hockey game before in my life on any level of play. Actually, now that I think of it…. The closest I’ve been to a hockey game, was me watching the Mighty Ducks Movies…LOL!

Anyway, I took the train downtown to LA Union Station we went to the Staples Center, which is also a first for me, to watch the Los Angeles Kings play host to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I must admit, hockey fans favorite part of the game, is when any players start shoving each Preux & Proper The Westsideother and start to square up for a fight. But on this day, none of that happened (I was a bit disappointed in that, LOL). The refs broke those up pretty quickly. But Christian did tell me that, if both players throw down their gloves and pads, then the refs will let them fight, and then they will get dismissed to the penalty box. Pretty exciting stuff, the game even went into over time. But the NHL defending champions, took a lost on this day!

Then Chris took me by this spot in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles, for those that don’t live in SoCal) called Preux & Proper which had some pretty good drinks. This place has a New Orleans vibe to it that really makes you feel like you are in the middle of the French Quarter. But back to the DRINKS!  This is one, to the right, was called “The Westside”. I never had a drink like this, but it wasn’t bad at all. The also had one of the best Grilled Cheese sandwiches ever in life. They cooked this thing with bacon, which to me, is one of the best things in the world. All in all, it was truly a great experience and I think I will have to catch another hockey game, now that I actually know what’s going one now. LOL!

Antonio Fresco At LA Kings Hockey Game with MargaritaAntonio Fresco At LA Kings Hockey Game IceAntoino Fresco on Train