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My move to Miami…

…has been everything but what you expect it would be, or what I would expect it to be, for that matter.
When I stepped off the plane at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on the night of Dec. 25th. I thought, I was gonna hit the ground running. I had this big plan that I dreamt up, that I was gonna execute to fast track my up start time even quicker. After all, I’ve done this whole “move to a new big city”, not once but twice before. So I figured, I am pretty much a pro at this, at this point.

My plan…in short…was….
Get back on the radio as a dj and personality, just like before, when I moved to Dallas back in 2007. Get back in the clubs Djing, to help grow my name/brand in the streets. Link up with the key artist in Miami, and start building and establishing musical relationships. Produce and release some records with those artist and grow my brand even further.
Now obviously, there are a ton of details that I’m leaving out for the sake of time, but all in all, I had it all planned out down to the letter. Hell, I was even staying at my cousin’s house who conveniently stayed less that 15 mins away from the radio station I was going to be working at. I just needed to lock down the job, which for me, is pretty EASY. After all, I have Top 5 Major market experience on the radio, I’ve won ton of awards, held top rated shows on all my time slots, and there wasn’t any position I couldn’t do at a radio station. I mean c’mon yo, what Program Director wouldn’t want that, right?!?!

Let me speed things up a bit for you, cause I want to get to the good stuff. Feb 15th, 2019. I’ve been staying at my cousin’s house for 2 months now, with no money and I haven’t landed a job yet. My plan is a total bust at this point and nothing has gone according to plan, and things were about to get even more interesting. My cousin walks into the room where I am staying and tells me that I can no longer stay at the house! You see, I thought I would be making money and paying my portion towards the bills by this point. But I haven’t been able to.
Let me take a second to fill you in on a major detail, that I purposefully left out, up to this point. Since July, of 2018, I’ve been going through what can be best described as, a “Spiritual Awaking”. If you have no idea what that is, I encourage you to google it, and you will quickly find out how crazy this shit is, and how wild things get when a person begins an spiritual awaking process.

For me, what i understand it to be is, your soul is pretty much tired of your way of life, and how disconnected you are, from who you truly are, and your true purpose. So it shuts down everything in your life and you are forced to deal with your inner issues, false beliefs, and lies that you have picked up along the way in your life since your birth. It’s what we call an ego death. I don’t want to go into it too much, but if you want to find out more, google: Dark Night Of The Soul. Basically, once you come through this phase, you become more aligned with your “higher self”, that part of you that is closer to God, Divine Power, Source…whatever title best works for you. This is the part of you that knows what you need and what you are truly meant to do. LOL…Did I lose you yet? Some of you will get this right away, and some of you will say “Fresco has gone bat shit crazy!” It’s okay…this ain’t for everybody.
You see, moving to Miami, was something I was guided to do. I knew I needed to be in Miami from all the hints and signs I was getting from the universe while I was in Los Angeles. And after all, it made perfect sense. Miami is a place where the type of music I am making works well. My music has an EDM vibe with Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin vibes laced all through out it. Miami is also a HUGH PARTY CITY that loves all three of those particular genres, plus it also allowed me to be more culturally connected to my Puerto Rician/Dominican Heritage. It made a lot of sense…and here it was I was in LA, 3,000 miles away, doing what I THOUGHT was the best for me and my music career. But everything happens for a reason.

But these plans of mine, that I had cooked up for myself, wasn’t what I was really was meant to do, or the path that I was supposed to take, which is why, NONE OF IT WAS WORKING OUT! I was meant to get on my mission, and work on my music, and help spread dope vibes around this planet. NOT driving for Lyft/Uber 14 hours a day, and then working on music as an after thought. It was never gonna work that way! That was my EGO that was in charge, which had been running things on a conscious and unconscious level my entire left.
For me, Miami hasn’t been about parties, living an luxury lifestyle, and popping bottles every third night. Although, I do love to turn things up to 10….I mean, after all, I AM A DJ! But rather, it’s been about facing my fears, learning about myself, connecting to who I really am on a deeper level, listening to my self, and doing what I am really meant to be doing. Believe me when I tell you, that there is so much more to this story that I want to share with you, and I WILL! I hope you come back and check out this blog often, but I want to leave you with this final thought.
You are a powerful creature, on this planet, at this time, that came here to do great things. If there is something that you been wanting to do and/or create…DO IT! If there is a passion you want to go after…PURSUE IT. Don’t worry about if it will work out or not, because those nudges and subtle pushes that you are getting…you know…from deep down…are from that part of you that knows, who you truly are, and what you are truly meant to do in this world. Once you take the first step, the next step will become obvious and before you know it, you are 3,000 miles away, doing EXACTLY what you are MEANT TO DO! Trust me, you will be so happy you made that jump!
Till next time…
Love each other,