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So one day, while I’m chilling at the bar at Applebee’s watching the Dodger game, which seems to be one of my other past time’s as of late, but that is another story. Anyway, a guy who is sitting next to me, whips out his phone, and seconds later, I am hearing what seems to be like a barrage of sound effects, blaring though his speakerphone. I am talking NON STOP noises coming from the phone! So I ask him what was this game that he was playing.

This, ladies and gents, was the point of no return…..

This dude’s face lit up and told me, “Awww man, this is Clash of Clan”, I responded, “Oh, I seen the commercials all over tv for that game.” Then I ask, “How long have you been playing it?” He tells me “3 years!” My first thought was, “WHOA! This fellow has no life!!! Who plays a game on their phone for 3 years.” But I told myself I wouldn’t judge, let me see what the hype was about.

Well, apparently, this is one of the highest grossing games of all times. And it is free, but the way that they make their money is, that you can buy to have stuff built quicker, or get more resources in the game (i.e, gold, gems…etc).

I, honestly, am not one to really play tons of games, but lately I have been feeling like I needed something to take my mind off of music for a while. Sometimes, I feel myself getting worn out constantly thinking about the music biz, or what my next move needs to be, or that I need to be making more music!!! BUT, Nothing is wrong with a healthy distraction, especially to if it calms your mind down. So a few days later, I downloaded the game. And let me tell you….


I mean, every time I have a down moment, I am on my phone making upgrades to my village. I even got attacked already, and got my BUTT KICKED! But it was cool, I recovered. Then some other person attacked my village, but he took a MAJOR L!!!! My squad HANDLED BIZNESS! LOL….

Here are pix of my progress so far….

AF Clash of Clans 2 AF Clash of Clans

If you search “Clash of Clans” online, and check out the images, you will know that my village is the definition of HUMBLE BEGINNINGS! Lol. Anyway, we will see how long this new hobby of mine last. If you play the game, hit me up, and give me some tips and tricks you might have picked up.

As for everyone else, if I haven’t responded back to you right away on social media, you now know why! Don’t worry, I will get back to you for sure, right after I wake up my sleeping builder guy, and tell him to upgrade my cannons! 😉