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So at this point, it has been a whole year since I released “Light It Up”, and my close friends always ask me, “ARE YOU EVEN STILL DOING MUSIC?”. I always laugh, and say “Of course!”. But the problem is, they haven’t seen any product from me in a while. Soooo what is the big problem?!?!?

Well, I will tell you…

This past year has been very eye opening for me. Musically, I have grown a lot, and learned a lot of different things, which I think an artist SHOULD DO. But that isn’t why I haven’t released anything new…LOL. Honestly, everything I was creating, was sounding just like EVERYTHING else you hear in the Dance Music scene. And for me, that isn’t enough. People deserve to hear music from the heart, and music that unique. Not just the same thing that is pumped out in large quantities.

So simply put, Ive been searching for MY SOUND, something unique to me. And of course, me being the ultimate perfectionist I am, I’ve been working to really dial things in. But I am not going to let that stop me from letting you hear some new things.

So hear is what is going to in the very near future, I am going to release a free track for you, while I am putting the finishing touches on some of the new material I have been working on. That way, you will be able to rock out when you are in the gym trying to get ready for the SUMMER, or just chillen’ with some friends in the car. Sound like a plan?

We are gonna talk very soon.

~Fresco Out